Tilde Grynnerup

Tilde Grynnerup (1973 ~)


2003     덴마크 Textile / Embroidery,   

            UCC University


2022   갤러리 언플러그드, 서울

2021   Thiemers Magasin, Copenhagen

2020   Rigshospitalet. Rigshospitalets Art Association

            MAPS. Contemporary art gallery Christoffer Egelund

2017    Kana Studio, London. Curated by Destina Curtis                                  

2015   Atelier Sara Gade
2012   Black/white photographs. Enghave kirke


2021     Group exhibition, Atchom, Gothenburg                                         

              Group exhibition, Trobat.co, Mallorca                                                  

              Group exhibition, Wilo and Grove, Paris Feminist works,                                        

              The Blues, Four You Gallery, Curator Dynamisk

2020     Group Exhibition, Mabe Art. Geneva                                  

               Winter Group Exhibition, Gallery Christoffer Egelund                                    

               Cantum Combine, Online Show, ContemporaryIdentities International Online Art

                Magazine, UAE & Richard Koh Fine Art, Malaysia. Curated by Elham Shafaei          

                The Summershow, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen                         

                Group Exhibition, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen                       

2019     Kraft,Straagaardartgallery,Århus                                             

               Tactile, Væg Contemporary, Ålborg
               Group show, London. Curated by Despina Curtis                                      

              Group Exhibition, Kunsthal Brantebjerg

2017     Exhibition with Christina Winsløv

2015     Galleri Artmarket / Kristina Stokkebro
2013     Atelier Sara Gade


2018    Nominated “Arts & Craft” of the year by Design Awards / Benjamin Media

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