Kostas Papakostas

Kostas Papakostas


Hull School of Art and Design ( First-Class BA Honours)


MTAC2001, California, USA

THE Place, London, UK

IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK

Moving Pictures Festival, Toronto, Canada

SK Foundation, Cologne, Germany

Minimalen festival, Trodheim, Norway

6th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, Greece

SeeMeOn 29, Sofia, Bulgaria

Les Rencontres, Arles, France

nOva Art Space, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel. +82 10 7107 0082    E-mail. info@galleryunplugged.com

For general inquires, please e-mail. info@galleryunplugged.com 

(Tue-Sat) 12:00 – 19:00

Closed every Monday and Sunday

Sunday open is only for reservations.